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The Hy Vong Community Heading
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This Hy-Vong Community website is provided as a resource which tells of the now ordinary lives of men with an extraordinary history years after they arrived in Australia, and of the impact, their arrival had on Australia's refugee and foreign policy in the years since.

Hy-Vong is the Vietnamese word for "Hope" The community was founded by Fr. Strangman MSC in 1981 to assist unattached and detached refugee young people from South East Asia following the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia. In many ways, it is a complicated story that remains relevant to today's refugee situation in Australia and beyond.

All one needs to do is to reflect on the attitudes, knowledge, and experiences of those involved at that time to feel the effect on this community home.

Lee Borradale (Director)

Vietnam / Cambodia-> Refugee Camps-> Bowral Australia.
(Between the 31st Jan 2022 and 5 th August 2022, there have been 4,694  hits, Current interest is high .Since the website was created there has been more than 42,354 hits.
Every second year at least 20 of us have a get-together, I am proud of my Old boys.
Climate change refugees will have dramatic effects in the future. In some places, that is already a reality. A Chinese curse is "May you live in interesting times!" Remember, we are not powerless.

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